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Listed below is a sampling of some our more recent projects including but not limited to our boiler rebuildsSCR catalyst replacements and of course our other precipitator services.  Our clients continued referral reflects the quality work that CCSI continually delivers 

Alliant Energy
Lansing - Complete Buell Precipitator rebuild consisting of removing and replacing
Panels, Wires, Frames and Elk Horn modifications. Although windy conditions halted crane operations, the project was completed ahead of schedule during a twenty-one (21) day outage.

Dayton Power & Light 
J M Stuart Station - 2011 Spring Outage - SCR repairs and complete change out of 478 catalyst baskets.  All accomplished in a two-week outage.
Killen Station - 2010 Spring Outage - Superheat Replacement Maintenance consisting of Mill repair, Boiler inspection, Precipitator inspection and repair, Expansion joint replacement and I D Fan repair.
Killen Station - 2008 Fall Outage - Demoed and Installed 49 Burners and 10 Water Wall Panels and 8 Extension joints in a 3-week outage.  Changed out 55,000 lb Feed Water Heaters.

G E Contractual Services
Plant Wansley—MEAG #9 - 2004 Fall Outage - Performed maintenance outage on GE's MEAG #9. Consisted of 12 tube samples in both units on the #4 reheater T-91 material, superheater #1 material T22 and the FW heater SA178. CCSI had 0 rejects.  Installed 18 new doors in the roof section on both units, site glass installation at the condenser. Performed HP steam by-pass inspection. Other work performed was two 2” and two 1 ½” blow down valve replacements. This outage was completed in 12 days.

Georgia Power 
Yates Station - 2010 Fall Outage - Unit # 6 - Replaced 14 Water Wall Panels 1 3/4 x .188mw 32’ 6” long on right and left side wall.  6ea 30 tube and 1ea 12 tube panel on each side wall.  Southern Company - Digital image, RT’d 100% tube welds with less than 1% reject rate.  
Yates Station - 2006 Spring Outage - Unit # 6 - Changed out all Water Walls with the exception of Corner Panels.  A total of 600 tubes and 22 Water Wall Panels were replaced.  Changed out 63 Inlet and 63 Outlet Reheat Pendent Panels.  Changed out the Reheat and High Crown support system and replaced the Economizer Hoppers along with miscellaneous unit repairs.  The total project accomplished during a 21-day outage with over 2,600 welds and a manpower loading of 112 men.
Yates Station - Unit # 2 - Super Heater Loop change out, 145 loops and 78 Nose Arch Tube replacements
Yates Station - Unit # 1 - Total Super Heater Loop change out.
Yates Station - Unit # 3 - Super Heater Loop change out and Nose Arch change out.
* Georgia Power Projects had over nine hundred welds with 15 rejects (1.67%)
Plant Wansley - 2006 Fall - 2007 Spring - Total rebuild of Unit 1A and 1B Precipitators consisting of 32 fields. Additional turning vane modifications with extensive hopper, perforated plate and duct repair was accomplished during the eight-week outage, which was completed ahead of schedule by 7 days!

Gulf Power
Plant Crist - 2011 Spring Outage - Unit #6 - Foster Wheeler 325 MW Unit.  95 days breaker to breaker.  Unit on line 1 week ahead of schedule.  HRA roof, rear wall, floor tubes, and side walls (31 panels).  Reheat outlet header; 35,000 lbs.  Reheat elements; upper and lower horizontals and verticals.  Partition wall with upper headers (5).  Primary superheat elements; upper and lower.  Primary superheat outlet header; 26,000 lbs.  Upper economizer elements and outlet headers; remove and reinstall.  Economizer intermediate header; 7,000 lbs.  Reheat and superheat control dampers (2 pieces each, RH 14,000 lbs. each, SH 13,000 lbs. each).  Lower economizer elements; upper and lower.  Economizer inlet header; 21,000 lbs.  Complete reheat spray water system including cold reheat nozzle spool.  Economizer outlet duct and hoppers configured for new SCR.  8888 pressure part welds including 17 heavy wall welds, 100% RT.  675 tons of demo material hauled off site.
Plant Crist - 2008 Spring Outage - Total rebuild of Unit #4 & #5 Precipitators - Six complete fields in each unit, all slide bearings and complete penthouse refurbishment.  Twenty-four Ash Hoppers were also replaced during the outage along with structural and casing repairs.  All work was accomplished while meeting or exceeding schedule deadline timeframes.
Plant Crist - 2005 Fall Outage - LoNox Burner Conversion (Riley Power) - Associated Piping Systems in conjunction with a complete Economizer change out, Upper and Lower Banks, Intermediate and Inlet Headers and miscellaneous boiler work. All accomplished during an eight-week outage. 
Plant Smith - 2007 Spring Outage - Unit #1 Precipitators - Total rebuild consisting of 12 fields and all slide bearings.  Additional casing and structural repair was performed along with complete hopper replacement and perforated plate and duct repairs during the eight-week outage that was completed ahead of schedule by 2 days.

Louisville Gas and Electric Mill Creek - 2011 Spring Outage - Unit #4 replacement of front reheat loops.  Unit #3 replacement of front reheat pendants, replacement of burners on front wall, replacement of the SCR catalyst top layer.
Ghent Station - 2006 Fall Outage - Gent Station - Unit #1 Reheat header change out.

Progress Energy
Anclote Plant - 2009 Spring Outage - Unit #2 - Replaced two low pressure feed water heater tube bundles.
Anclote Plant - 2006 Spring Outage - Changed out four Feed Water Heaters that required heavy rigging in excess 50,000 LBS. All accomplished.
Bartow Plant - 2005 Fall Outage - Replaced two Low Temperature Heat Exchangers.  Completed ahead of schedule during a twenty-one (21) day outage.
Crystal River Plant - 2007 Spring Outage - Unit #2 - Pendant platen superheat replacement. Front and rear heat panels replacement.  Horizontal superheat replacement.  Partial economizer panel replacement along with miscellaneous water wall work.
Hyco Plant - 2009 Fall Outage - Unit #2 reheat sample tubes.  Unit #3 replacement of superheat supports.  SCR catalyst replacement along with new soot blower and soot blower piping.  Popcorn screen replacement.
Roxboro Plant - 2009 Spring Outage - Replaced 4 FD Fans
Weatherspoon Plant - 2008 Spring Outage - Emergency repairs performed on structure and collecting plates during a six-day turn around.

Muskogee Generating Station - 2008 Spring Outage - Unit #6 Economizer and low temperature superheat replacement.
Sooner Station - 2006 Fall Outage - Replacement of four expansion joints on the air preheater inlet duct along with 834 economizer tube shields.

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